Make plans to run the Murray Half-Harathon or 5K in 2015

Happy New Year! I know 2015 enters next week, but one of my favorite running events will be here before you know it — and it’s time to think about scheduling and training for it.

The fifth annual Murray Half-Marathon and 5K will be April 18, 2015, beginning at the Murray- Calloway County Wellness Center. I have ran both distances in the past, and whichever distance you decide, you already are a winner. The half-marathon course is what I would call a fair course — not too hilly, not too flat. It’s just right and it keeps the runner busy. The 5K course in 2014 was mostly flat with some inclines here and there.

I haven’t decided which one I will do yet. As I university faculty member on the tenure track, I am trying to keep my life as less harried as possible in 2015. Most likely, I will race the 5K.

There is time to decide which distance is right for you. Either race, you will need an effective training plan. As a certified coach with USA Track and Field, I am able to write a solid training plan to fit your needs and goals — and budget. I price a 12-week half-marathon training plan that tells you what to do every day leading up to the event at $45. For an eight-week 5K race plan, it’s $25. I also am available to coach at individual sessions, but those rates depend on a number of factors (time, location, etc).

Email me at if you need more information or want to get started. Have a great 2015!


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