Murray Half-Marathon and 5K:

Get Fit 5K age group: GET FIT 5K Age group results

Get Fit 5K overall results: GET FIT 5K Overall results

Get Fit Youth 1-Mile: GET FIT Youth 1 mile results 2012

Get Fit Youth 1-Mile OVERALL results: GET FIT 5K 1 mile overall results 2012

Wilma Rudolph 5K: Wilma Rudolph 5K age group

Wilma Rudolph 10K: Wilma Rudolph 10K Age Group

Wilma Rudolph results for runners who did both 5K and 10K: Wilma Rudolph 15K overall

Music City Du Run Run Duathlon: Music City Du Run Run Duathlon

Dash to Ditch Lymphoma 5K:

Memphis in May Triathlon:

Cedars of Lebanon Triathlon:

Iron Mom Half-Marathon:

Murray Half-Marathon, Murray, Ky.:

BCM Fostbite 5K in Murray, Ky:

Evansville YMCA Indoor Triathlon: ymca-indoor-triathlon-results-2012

Bob’s Gym Indoor Triathlon in Evansville, Ind., men’s: Bob’s Gym Tri_ Men’s Score 2012

Bob’s Gym Indoor Triathlon in Evansville, Ind., women’s: Bob’s Gym Tri_ Women’s Score 2012

Reindeer Run 5K, Cadiz, Ky.: Reindeer Run Age Group Winners 2011

Jingle Bell Jog 5K Run, Clarksville, Tenn.: Jingle Bell Jog 5K

Sango Scamper 5K: Scamper Sango 5K

Sango Scamper 10K: Sango Scamper 10K

Austin Peay State University Homecoming 5K Scholarship Run Age Group: APSU Homecoming age group results

Austin Peay State University Homecoming 5K Scholarship Run Overall: APSU Homecoming 5K results

Go Commando Half-Marathon and 5K:

Clarksville Half-Marathon and 5K:

Cedars of Lebanon Sprint Triathlon:

Bowling Green Sprint Triathlon:

Running the World 5K, Clarksville, Tenn.: Running the World 5K

Week of the Eagles 5K: Week of the Eagles 5K

Week of the Eagles 10K: Week of the Eagles 10K

Music City Triathlon, Nashville, Tenn.:

Music City Kids Duathlon, Nashville, Tenn.:

I Run for the Party 5K, Nashville, Tenn.:

I Run for the Party 10K, Nashville, Tenn.:

Get Fit 5K, Calvert City, Ky. (age group): 2011 GET FIT RESULTS AGE GROUPS

Get Fit 5K, Calvert City, Ky. (overall): 2011 GET FIT RESULTS OVERALL

Get Fit One-Mile Youth Fun Run, Calvert City, Ky.: YOUTH GET FIT 5K 1 mile results 2011

Wilma Rudolph 5K and 10K, Clarksville, Tenn.: Wilma Rudolph 5K and 10K results

Iron Mom Half-Marathon, Paducah, Ky.:

GJCC Sprint Triathlon, Nashville, Tenn.:

Memphis in May Olympic Triathlon, Tunica, Miss.:

Memphis in May Sprint Triathlon, Tunica, Miss.:

Ramblin’ Rose Women’s Triathlon, Nashville:

Waverly Lions Club Paul Haase Memorial 5K Run and 5K/25K Biathlon:

Steamboat Classic Triathlon: Steamboat Classic Triathlon

Queen City Road Race 5K: 2011 Queen City Road Race Results resuts ex

FEAT on the Street 5K, Paducah, Ky.: FEAT 5k results excel age 2011

Purity’s Moosic City 10K:

Purity’s Moosic City 5K:

Murray Half-Marathon and 5K:

Tom King Classic 5K:

Tom King Classic Half-Marathon:

ReLoveHaiti 5K, Clarksville, Tenn.: ReLoveHaiti 5K age group results
ReLoveHaiti 5K overall results

Resolution Run 5K, Nashville, Tenn.:

Over the River 8-Miler, Paris, Tenn.: ResultsOverTheRiver
Run for a Reason 2 in Clarksville, Tenn.:
Reindeer Run 5K in Cadiz, Ky.: Reindeer Run 5K-Cadiz
Jingle Bell Jog 5K in Clarksville, Tenn.:
One World Run 5K in Paducah, Ky.:
Turkey Trot 5-Mile and 10-Mile in Clarksville, Tenn:
Nashville Half-Marathon:
Nashville 10K:
Clarksville Half-Marathon and 5K:
Sango Scamper Age Group rankings 5K: Sango Scamper 2010 5k Race Group standings
Sango Scamper Age Group rankings 10K: Sango Scamper 2010 10k Race Group standings
Sango Scamper: 2010_ScamperResults
Gracie’s Heart 5K-Paducah
Music City Half-Marathon:
H.O.R.S.E.S. Inc. 5K:
Hoptown 10-Miler:
United Way Paducah 5K: United Way Paducah 5K
Franklin Classic 5K:
Franklin Classic 10K:
Trot for Troops 5K: Trot for Troops 5K
YMCA Evansville Spirit, Mind, Body Triathlon:
Fancy Farm 5K: Fancy Farm 5K
Music City Triathlon Olympic distance:
Music City Triathlon Sprint distance:
Paducah Big Kids Triathlon:
Paducah Youth Triathlon (ages 7-10):
Paducah Youth Triathlon (ages 11-14):
Paxton Fund Run 5K age group
Paxton Fund Run 1-Mile youth
Race Across the Spectrum 5K results
July 4 10K Run for Music City:
July 4 5K Run for Music City:
Freedom Fest 5K Winners
Freedom Fest 5K female results
Freedom Fest 5K male results
Get Fit 5K Overall: 2010 Get Fit5K Overall
Get Fit 5K Age Group: 2010 Get Fit Age Group
Wilma Rudolph Combined: WilmaRudolphCombinedResults2010
Wilma Rudolph 10K: WilmaRudolph10kResults2010_SeparateEvents
Wilma Rudolph 5K: WilmaRudolph5kResults2010_SeparateEvents
Run Under the Stars: Run Under the Stars results 2010
St. Jude:
Starfish Orphan Ministry 5K:;jsessionid=F30E8B77C4A95CF8CF371CA034E7EB8F?ID=529418
Run for the Fun 5K: Pirates Run for Fun 5K
Pirates Run for Fun 5K age group
Miles for Smiles 5K:
Steamboat Classic Triathlon: 2010_Steamboat_Overall_Results
Sedalia Day 5K:
FEAT 5K: FEAT 2010 5K age
FEAT youth results 2010
Murray-Calloway County 5K: MCCH 2010 5K CenFinishLine
Murray-Calloway County 10K: MCCH 2010 10K
Run for the Pancakes 5K: 2010 run for the pancakes results
Swamp Rats Female 5K Results
Swamp Rats Female 10K Results
Swamp Rats Male 5K Results
Swamp Rats Male 10K Results


6 responses to “Results

  1. Don Steffey

    Main Street mile, Murray, KY. on Saturday, July 3. I would love to see results of this race posted. My 7 year old and I ran in it and medaled, her first. You should have seen her smile. Boy is she hooked on running. 53 seconds for a 7 year old. I am soooo proud.

  2. looking for race results forthe waverly lions 5k run held on May 7th 2011 please post if there are any thanks

  3. Anonymous

    looking for race results for the ft campbell week of the eagles 5k/10k 2012 race results? please advise Brian Roskoskey

  4. Anonymous

    have they stop posting race results on your web site looking for reindeer 5k run in cadiz,ky ran dec 1st 2012 race results you had posted them for 2011 let me know thanks brian roskoskey hopkinsville ky

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