Spring is here!

The weather is perfect for a race!

A few races are listed under “Race Calendar.” However, the number of these is small — for now. I will make all attempts to post information about races as soon as I receive it or see it. Being a tenure-track faculty member at a wonderful university is fun work, but a lot of my “free” time is spent to classroom preparation and research. I also have to make sure I get in my run, bike or swim. I hope you understand. Nevertheless, I will try and do my best to post often.

Take time to enjoy the beauty God has given us. Stop during a run or a bike to admire the scenery. Feel joyous in the gifts God has given you.

Run Happy!



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2 responses to “Spring is here!

  1. Anonymous

    hey Mel, lets do our birthday run Oct 11 7:00 am Cheers to Crossroads. I will start at 6:30 so you wont have to wait on me!

  2. fred miller

    New Years Day run Cheers to Crossroads 7:am Jan 1

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