Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has started off 2013 right with some kind of physical activity. As some of you know, I love to race! One thing I noticed in the latter half of 2012 is that I race better when I have race goals. However, for me, this means I can’t race every weekend as I was used to doing since 2008. My first race of 2013 won’t be until The Land Between The Lakes 10K Road Race on March 9. I am extremely pumped about it! My next race is April 13 at the Murray Half-Marathon. My goal is to run this course in less than two hours. I think sticking to key runs — hill work, speed intervals, tempo — on a weekly basis and mixing up my long run with easy and tempo paces will help me to achieve this. These key runs did wonders for me in the West Kentucky Parks 5K Race Series, which I truly enjoyed. I am also searching for a possible marathon to do later in 2013. The marathon bug is biting me again, so we shall see if the bite stings enough.

I am sure you have some race goals. Just keep in mind that you need to have fun in your training. Put forth your best effort, but know that not every training run is going to be a good one. There will be some setbacks — and that is OK. Try to run with a friend, spice up your runs with new plans and routes, or experiment with a new way of running. Whatever your 2013 race goal, just listen to that fantastic running heart of yours, and keep moving!


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