Iron Mom Half-Marathon postponed

The Iron Mom Half-Marathon and Relay in Paducah, Ky., has been postponed to June 18 due to flooding in that west Kentucky community.

The Family Service Society (the group that will benefit from the half-marathon) is going to need assistance more than ever due to this disaster. This means you can gather more runners to participate and have a little more time for training or even consider starting to train for a relay team.

I know race season is heavy and will continue to be so in the next several months, but please consider participating in this event or forming a relay if you are unable to run the entire pikermi. The proceeds will go to an excellent organization in Paducah.



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2 responses to “Iron Mom Half-Marathon postponed

  1. Chandler

    Hey, I ran the half in Nashville last weekend and it was hot. What do you think about the Paducah temperatures in late June? I’m thinking about signing up for the half since the date has been changed but wondering about the heat.

    • It most likely will be hot in June. It’s the humidity that typically is the uncertain factor in June for the west Kentucky area. I would still sign up for it. The proceeds raised will go to an organization that, due to the flooding, will need the funding to service the community.

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