When you think you want to quit …

Training for any race, no matter the distance, poses challenges we don’t consider until the moment they happen. I’m training for the Rocket City Marathon in December in Huntsville, Ala. Last Sunday, I bonked on an 18-mile run, going 16 miles before I almost collapsed because I hadn’t eaten anything except a gel pack. This was my first bomb since I started my training program, and I have been following the plan religiously until that moment.

Sure, I learned my lesson, but Sunday mornings generally are best for me to get in the long distances before church. I basically wanted to give up because of that mistake. That was my attitude. Somehow, I knew I had to get more creative with my training — if it meant to split runs into two separate workouts, then so be it. That’s what I am doing today — splitting a 10-mile run into two five-mile segments. I did my first one at lunch time, and the second five-miler will come after work.

As I was eating and working, I watched this YouTube video that was posted on Kara Goucher’s blog. This is inspirational — it made me realize I need to stop whining, pick up my feet and move on the best I can. The person in the video, Ben, didn’t quit when the going got tough, and I don’t need to do so neither. But here’s a warning about this video: You will cry.



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