Bragging rights

Although I launched this weblog, I normally don’t use it as a personal platform. As many of you know, I like for it to be an informative tool, something to help you in searching and planning for races. However, I have to make an exception and brag on my best friend and husband, Russ Shemberger. He was the overall winner — the No. 1 runner — to cross the finish line in the Sango Scamper 5K held Oct. 23 in Clarksville, Tenn. I also ran the 5K, and he is always waiting for me at the finish line. When I asked him how he did, he replied, “You really want to know?” After he said that, I didn’t know what to think — did he injure himself, trip, get lost? I said that I did want to know, and he said, “I won it.” And he said it calmly. My mouth dropped, as I was still trying to catch my breath after finishing. Then a large smile came across my face, and I almost teared. I know Russ can do anything he puts his mind to doing, but we all know that taking the top spot in anything is a coveted moment.

I am proud of you, Russ! I love you!


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