Kentucky Senior Games boasts amazing athletes

When my husband and I go to races, we are excited and encouraged to see those older than us racing. It gives me hope in knowing that if I work to stay healthy and take care of injuries responsibly, then I can continue racing and embracing an active lifestyle.

Many of our friends in west Kentucky — Laura Reeves, Delana “Dee” McCuiston, Toni Martinazzi and several others — competed this past weekend in the Kentucky Senior Games held in Paducah, Ky. All of them medaled in their respective sports, including swimming and running. You can find the results at the city of Paducah’s website:

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Kentucky Senior Games! Each of you is truly an inspiration.


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  1. Reading your blog, especially posts like this, are so encouraging. It’s so great to see people exercising and enjoying fitness in all stages of life- thank you for sharing. Good luck in all your upcoming matches, especially those in Paducah!

    -Doug McClure

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