A priceless moment

During the Ironman Kansas 70.3 held this past Sunday, Jessica Watkins and I ran to our vehicles, parked about 1.25 miles away from the race site. We usually try to fit in a run if our husbands are competing in longer-distance triathlons that allow us to run. On our way back to the race site, the pro triathletes were finishing the run leg of the 70.3-mile journey. Some of the pros there were Pip Taylor, Chris Lieto, Andy Potts and perhaps the biggest name in the triathlon industry, Ironman world champ Chrissie Wellington. As Jess and I were running back to the race site, Chrissie ran alongside us. Well, actually, she passed us, but it was awesome! After biking 56 miles, she made running the half-marathon look effortless. It was something grand, almost dreamlike, that a powerful pro athlete was sharing the same road at the same time as we were running. I have photos of many of these triathletes, and those will be posted sometime over the weekend. However, I had to share the story of that short, special run Jess and I had with Chrissie Wellington.

And in case you’re wondering — Chrissie won the female division of the 70.3 for the consecutive year.


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