What a weekend!

This past Saturday, there were several 5K races in the area. I ran the race at the Little River Days Festival in downtown Hopkinsville and took first in my age group. Many of you don’t know, but Hoptown is where I was raised, and while I don’t share a nostalgia about the city, I just thought it would be different to run the streets of my former hometown. The race was well organized, and I hope it continues. Later that day, I ran in the Miles for Smiles 5K at Stuart Nelson Park in Paducah, and it also was a well-organized race. As I told fellow runner Leigh Dowdy in an e-mail, the Paducah lady runners are tough, at least in my age group! They make me work harder! I enjoyed the run, and it’s wonderful to see how hard I can push through two 5K races in one day.

Congratulations to Brian McClain, who won first place in his age group at the Miles for Smiles! He also did a two-a-day, having ran in the Run for Recovery 5K at Mike Miller Park on Saturday morning. And I want to say kudos to Leigh for running the Girls on the Run 5K held Sunday, May 16 in St. Louis, Mo. Way to go!

Results from the Miles for Smiles are posted on this site under the Results tab. If I receive results from any other of the 5K races held over the weekend, I will post them. If you come across them or find other races that you want to share with others, let me know. And I do like to recognize others, so if you race in some type of event that I or others might not have known, please, please let me know. I know a lot of us are humble, and while humility is a great quality to have, I like to brag on our athletes in triathlon and the single-discipline sports.

Happy Running!


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